• Individual platform to walk over floor installation without moving tile.

  • Ridges located under extend into the joint.

  • Ideal for cross-joint tile installation.

  • Joint size 3/32" (2mm) or greater.

    1,45 kg   |   3.2 lbs. 


  • Steel spiked shoes.

  • Toe-guard made of replaceable nylon for safety shoes.

  • Straps onto the shoe with spring straps on the back. 

    1,7 kg   |   3.7 lbs. 


  • Single-step platform to walk over floor installation without moving tile.

  • Two platforms per order, one for each foot.

  • Rubber feet stabilize the user.

  • Walk over floor without disturbing tile.

  • Use with T-joint of 3/32" (2mm) or greater.

  • 0,75 kg   |   1.7 lbs. 


  • Rolling seat with knee pads.

  • Ergonomic design to avoid occupational injuries.

  • Helps when spreading adhesive or any other floor installation job.

  • Height adjustable seat from 10" to 13.75".

  • Allows for weight to be transferred through the seat not the knees. 

    10 kg   |   22 lbs. 


  • Bucket holder and tile dolly.

  • Easy to move on three free-spinning wheels.

  • Use cover when transporting tile.

  • Without cover when transporting and using any bucket.

  • Designed to make it easy to tilt and access bucket content.

    3 kg   |  6.6 lbs. 




  • Single suction cup with gauge.

  • Guaranteed grip on ceramic tile.

  • Suctions onto textured tile.

  • Vacuum gauge to monitor suction.

  • Stain-free rubber cup.

  • Removable suction cup from die cast aluminum body. 

  • Maximum load capacity of 286 lbs.

  • Cup diameter of 7" (175 mm).

    7" (175mm)   |   3.2 lbs. 


Replacement rubber pad for suction cup



  • Single suction cup with grip lever
    for using one-handed.

  • Cup for textured surface.

  • Foam washer increasing the hold
    on the rough surface.


  • Triple suction cup made of cast aluminum.

  • Three 4.5" rubber cups with welded metallic pin.

  • Maximum lifting load of 309 lbs.
    on clean and smooth surface. 


Replacement gauge for suction cup LTVSCGN.


  • Double suction cup made of cast aluminum.

  • Two 4.5" rubber cups with welded metallic pin.

  • Maximum lifting load of 198 lbs. on clean and smooth surface. 



  • Sheath roller for floor installation.

  • Holder in the front to add more weight.

  • Adjustable pole with a double handle grip.

  • To embed uncoupling membranes into thinset. 

    5,9 kg.     13 lbs.


  • Relax gel knee pads.

  • Plastic shell casing and inner gel padding.

  • Comfortable elastic fabric with single strap system.


  • Impact resistant mixing bucket holds up to seven (7) gallons.

  • Reinforced bottom and rim for carrying heavy loads.

  • Equipped with steel handle.


  • Diagonal angle guide.

  • Easy and accurate way to measure
    the angle and size cuts. 

  • Helpful for diagonal floor layout.

  • Helpful when rooms and walls are not square.

  • Maximum guide size 20"


  • Plastic PVC tile beater.

  • Prevents tile lippage.

  • Ensures adequate bond between tile and adhesive.

  • Grooved, flat-base.

  • No suction between tile and beater.

  • Off-set handle for larger beating surface.

  • Will not warp with humidity.

  • Use with LTM1 mallet.


  • Sheath roller for wall installation.

  • Small handle to maneuver on vertical surfaces.

  • Use vertically without wrist straining. 

  • Embed waterproof membranes or heat wires.

    0,7 kg   |   1.5 lbs.


  • Hand grip support.

  • Wrist, shoulder and back support, applying thinset or adhesive.

  • Reduces fatigue, lower back issues,
    less twisting on vertebrae.

  • Allows spreading of adhesive over a larger area.


  • Wall leveling guide.

  • Precise "micro-metric" adjusting knobs.

  • Perfect leveling of the first course of tiles.

  • Quick and accurate maneuver.

  • Useful on areas where waterproofing membrane is used. 



  • White, non-marring rubber mallet.

  • Balanced weight to reduce wrist strain.

  • Single-piece injection mold.

  • Steel-core for reinforced handle.